About this Gig

You'll never have to worry about getting more followers ever again! This gig has been specifally designed for busy entrepreneurs who are looking to get more organic followers, with minimal effort on your part.

Sit back, relax and focus on creating high-quality content while we take care of growing your account.

What you get

You get a dedicated account manager with several years of experience that exists to strategically grow and improve your Instagram account 24/7. On average our customers get between 800 - 5.000 new followers per month. These are real, targeted and genuine followers.

How it works

We use hashtags and competitor pages on Instagram to find the most relevant people in your target audience, and then we manually engage with these people in order to draw their attention to your profile.

Sign up

Click on "Purchase Gig" to sign up. It takes less than 5 minutes!


After signing up, you'll be taken to our account submission form. Enter your Instagram account details and tell us about your target audience. Using hashtags, usernames of competitors, location and gender you can target users with any interest. Ideally provide us a list of competitors on Instagram that have followers you'd like to attract.


Sit back and watch your followers increase. You'll see the first results in a couple of hours after singing up. We guarantee that you'll absolutely love the results!

Will this work for you?

This service will work for any Instagram account, but we encourage you to have relevant and high-quality Instagram posts for the best possible results.

Your followers will be real people relevant to your niche, so they'll be more willing to interact with your posts and visit your website.

What are the requirements?

Your Instagram account should be minimum 1 month old and you should have at least 10 Instagram posts.

In order to manage your account you need to be willing to provide us with the username and password of your Instagram account. We keep your data confidential and don't share it with anyone. For peace of mind we recommend to phone verify your account.

Will you change anything?

No. We never change anything without your permission and we don't unfollow any of your friends.

Will you comment or send messages?

No. We will never comment on your behalf or send direct messages to anyone.

How do you engage with relevant people?

We enage with people in your target audience by liking their posts and following them. Of course we regularly unfollow all the people we have followed.

Can you use your account during the service?

Of course. You should continue to post content and keep in touch with your followers for the best possible results.

What happens after you purchase?

After you purchase this gig, we'll begin to setup your Instagram campaign. We'll get back to you within 24 hours to let you know that we have started working on your account.